Where in the world is Hector Garza?


Every brand has a story to tell. When Shorty’s Mexican Roadhouse approached Rumbletree for a brand evolution, our first question was ‘why Shorty’s’?

Every brand has a story to tell.

Yes, ‘Shorty’s’ was founded by a man named Shorty. But the tale is a little longer. It’s Shorty’s father, Hector, who had the original dream of opening a mexican restaurant. Hector was an entrepreneur, inventor, tinkerer, and motorcycle fanatic. It was his love of the motorcycle and the open road that took Hector on a road trip to California, from which he never returned. Shorty vowed to his mother Madeline that someday he would find his father and bring him home.

Eventually it was Shorty who realized his father’s dream of opening a mexican restaurant, and despite his success, he is still driven to find his father. He travels the world over in search of Hector. During his travels, Shorty searches for great food ideas, interesting flavors and innovative recipes to bring back to the restaurants he loves.

Shorty vowed to his mother that someday he would find his father and bring him home.

We were immediately struck by the idea of Hector. The adventurer, the outlaw, the cause of both Shorty’s sorrows and his successes. This inspired us to bring Hector to life as part of our brand refresh. Given Shorty’s reputation as a fun-loving family restaurant, we rendered him with equal parts quirkiness and mystery; the motorcycle goggles, sombrero and mustache serving to keep him from ever being found.

Shorty's Mexican Roadhouse

Personally, I like to think Hector has never stopped roaming—that somewhere out there he is on the open road, with the wind in his ‘stache and a mischievous grin—leaving clues for Shorty and leading him to broaden his culinary horizons in his own way. Hector is a character and story unique to Shorty’s, that no other brand could mimic. This is what ‘finding your voice’ is all about. Stay tuned for the full rollout of Shorty’s brand refresh on Rumbletree.com.