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Your School’s Website: Branding and Optimization are Key

As a school, your marketing strategy doesn’t need to be complicated or overly expensive. But making sure your website is branded and optimized properly should be on the top of your priority list. For instance, the content on your site should enable your school to appear in more general online searches. The information must be relevant to ALL people, not just those within your school community, in order to appear high in Google rankings.


We can work with your school to help you capitalize on critical yet simple web, content and social media strategies to:

1. Alleviate front office stress by including relevant content where it’s most visible
2. Improve communication between parents and teachers

3. Increase awareness around Parent Organization initiatives
4. Improve newsletter readership or newsletter development
5. Create more successful annual fundraising campaigns
6. Increase engagement with families and community via social media and your website

Whatever your marketing goals might be, we can help you achieve them with a simple, quick marketing strategy audit.

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Social Media Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

Now that 2017 is in full swing, it’s a great time to consider upcoming social media trends. As an agency, we are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of social media marketing and its evolving landscape. If you want to succeed on social media, you need to keep in mind the 3 C’s – change, coolness, and consistency. Some the most impactful trends we’ve come across for this year are:

Snapchat Revolutionizing Other Social Outlets

Snapchat has completely changed the social landscape and has quickly grown in popularity, largely due to fun and unique facial filters (or artificial intelligence lenses). It’s likely other outlets will catch up soon, with Facebook already testing facial filters with mobile users in Brazil and Canada to celebrate the Olympics. Instagram certainly won’t be left in the dust, and with Instagram Stories already taking on an extremely similar feel to Snapchat Stories, users should expect to see facial filters or something like them on the outlet in 2017. It’s important to embrace this change as it happens to the outlets your company is on. It allows you to come across as innovative and on top of things, two very important pieces for consumer retention on social media.

Continued Growth of Social Outlets for Customer Service

According to Sprout Social, 34.5% of people surveyed prefer Social Media for customer care. That’s 10% more than websites/live chat and almost 20% more than 1-800 Numbers. Consumers want fast responses and an effortless way to get their questions across. Social media provides the outlet for this and will only continue to grow in the customer service capacity. As a brand, you need to be available outside of normal business hours to answer customer questions and concerns. If you aren’t, they’ll go with someone who is.

A Firm Pay to Play Model

Businesses looking to grow their fan base organically will have a hard time doing so in 2017. Instagram and Facebook both use algorithms making it difficult for brands to break through the clutter if they only publish organic social content. In 2017, Adobe estimates that $41 million will be spent on social media advertising. If your brand wants to be part of the conversation, they will need to pay to do so.

We love that social media has become such a big part of our daily lives both personally and professionally. It can be engaging and impactful for your brand as long as you stay on top of trends, are open to change, and have no problem reinventing the way you advertise every few years! Need some social media marketing help? Drop us a line.

– Becky


5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

According to Mailmunch (2016), about 60% of people believe email marketing outperforms social media. It has a higher conversion rate, better ROI and much easier to build! With this being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind for email marketing:

  1. Have a creative subject line because subject lines are the most important part to an email. Avoid using ALL CAPS to make sure the email does not go to the spam filter.
  2. Keep your email lists up to date because email addresses can change every few months for some people. (Mailchimp 2016).
  3. Personalize your email as much as you can by stating “Hello (first name here). According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.
  4. Make sure all emails are mobile friendly. Constant Contact stated that 75% of people would delete an email immediately if they are unable to view it on their phone.
  5. Most importantly, have a clear call to action! If the reader cannot determine what they are supposed to do with the email, chances are they will delete it.




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14 ways to increase a consumer’s love of your social media channels

SOCIAL-MEDIA-BLOGIn the spirit of the season, here are some useful ideas to add some “love” to your company’s social presence.

1) Use photo-editing tools
Quality images are an important part of social media and a reflection of your brand. If you don’t have a designer on hand, there are many tools available at your disposal. Try sites like PicMonkey or Canva to add a little zing to your post.

2) Dabble with infographics
They’re versatile, link-worthy and controllable. Highlight engaging content that will attract customers.

 3) Attend a Social Media Marketing conference
Keep yourself educated. Social media tricks and tools change all the time. Check out:

4) Encourage content sharing
Entice your customers to share your content and create a viral effect. Offer incentives and be direct about sharing. Spread the love!

5) Contesting
Contesting is a great way to increase your social presence and let happy customers try your brand. Do you have a hotel? Give away a free night. Do you have a restaurant? Give away a gift certificate. More times than not your winning customer will appreciate the gesture and turn back to social media to positively talk about it.

6) Use Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
Pay per click ads can nurture a number of different conversions—grow your page, increase web clicks, plus so much more.

7) Boost your posts. Please.
Remember, without a “boost” only approximately 10% of your audience sees your post. Boosting allows you to spread your message, and reach qualified leads by targeting by geography, age, gender, etc.

8) Don’t forget about Instagram
Only on Facebook and Twitter? Time to add Instagram. Instagram is growing quick, faster than the competition.

9) Be in the moment
Consumers love real-time marketing. If you’re at an event, post a photo. If you’re promoting your grand opening, engage your audiences as it’s happening.

10) Engage with an agency
Social media is a big undertaking. It requires many dedicated hours to keep your channels running smoothly and effectively. Agencies like Rumbletree offer social media services on all different levels, for any type of client—big or small.

11) Reply!
Remember, social media is for….being social! Don’t forget to reply to your customers comments and concerns in a timely manner, or they may drop you like it’s hot.

12) Noodle with video
Video is the most-viewed content form. Use it! Video can be posted just as a photo would be. It can be boosted or promoted to reach your current audience and beyond.

13) Twitter
Tweet. Reply. Retweet. Boom.

14) Pay attention to your cover graphics
Remember, each social media channel requires you to upload graphics that represent your brand’s page. These come in all different specs and sizes. Engage with an agency to make sure the face of your brand is reflected in the strongest way possible.

And a bonus.

15) Have fun!
Social media is cool. It’s now a part of many people’s everyday jobs. Have fun with it. Get quirky. Get funky. Go big or go home.


3 Reasons to Stay up to Date with Social Media: 2015

  1.  Facebook’s Power Editor

One of the most important things to know about Facebook is the Power Editor. It’s bound to make life easier! Instead of creating an ad as is, you can now add a call-to-action button (CTA) to help drive business to your Facebook page or website. You can also create multiple ads at once and still be able to have precise control of the overall campaign.


  1. Facebook’s Ad Manager

As Facebook updates over the years so do the targeting capabilities and now you can target ads by relationship, education, work, financial, home, ethnic affinity, generation, parents, politics and life events. Basically anything you want to know about someone to target your ad to, you can probably find out by going through the targeting section on the ads manager for Facebook.

  1. Social Monitoring Sites

Monitoring tools are very useful for your company’s social media investment. These tools allow you to search specific keywords or company names to find out positive associations as well as negative comments that have been published and should be addressed right away. These are some of the most popular monitoring sites to use:

  1. Twilert: Instantly monitors all tweets that go out and your company mentions.
  2. Insert keywords for company/company name and receive alerts when these are mentioned online.
  3. Instantly create a custom page with the latest buzz on any topic.
  4. View brand strength as well as the positive and negative comments, and the brand perception (sentiment).

For more information please read why social media advertising or give us a call.

– Bri


Marketing to the Early Millennial with Social Media

A day in the life of a 20-something social media extraordinaire

1. Morning Catch up!

Rise and shine. I wake up from my zzzz’s by scrolling through the latest Instagram happenings, checking out what my followers have been up to since my last visit (just last night!). Then onto Facebook – I have a multitude of new updates and it’s tough to start the day without checking on them! I put down the phone and start the day. Instagram is the most popular for Millennials – with 90% of users under the age of 35.

2. Lunch Break!

I check Facebook to see what’s going on and by that point I can find out the local news from updates or what’s trending. It is said that 61% of consumers receive their news on Facebook in a given week, a much higher percentage than those catching it on TV.

3. Happy Hour!

Cheers! I go out with friends after work and we talk about our jobs and pull up the LinkedIn app to see what connections we have in common. With this being said, 41% of LinkedIn users access their profile from their mobile device.

4. Nighttime Ritual!

I never go to sleep without scrolling through my Twitter feed looking for something to catch my attention. I love a good contest – a chance to win a trip, a “retweet” that easily enters me to win those Red Sox tickets I’ve been wanting. Other times there will be tweets or photos that will capture my interest until I can fall asleep.

Checking social media has become such a routine in my everyday life that sometimes I don’t even realize I am checking it as frequently as I do or the impact it truly has on my day. I am not the only one that feels this way because 45% of users feel “worried or uncomfortable” if they are not able to access their social media through the day.

Check out Rumbletree’s Facebook Page to keep in touch!

– Bri

Social Media


Why Social Media Advertising?


Fact: This past April, Facebook reached 1.44 BILLION USERS.
Fact: Social media advertising is expected to reach $14 billion by 2018
Fact: On Facebook, desktop ads have 8.1x higher CTR and mobile ads have a 9.1x higher CTR than normal web ads.

….It’s no wonder 27% of businesses with fewer than 500 employees stated Facebook and/or other social media sites are the most effective marketing method for promoting their business – 2nd to the company website. (

So, what are you waiting for!??

Last month I had the honor of being a presenter at the Annual Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Keene, NH, speaking to attendees on the ins and outs of new media – how to reach customers where they live and engaging with them through web-based media.

Social media brings about many opportunities. These opportunities may seem overwhelming, but once mastered whether on your own or via an agency, will be an essential part of your integrated brand campaign; growing your business and expanding your reach of message to your target audience and geography.

Why social media advertising?
1. Extremely large audience base
2. Niche targeting capabilities – reach the right people at the right time
3. Cost effective – even if you have a budget of $25, you can still advertise!

So what’s right for you and how should you use it? Here are my top 3 ways you can quickly and easily expand your brand reach.

Twitter promoted tweets – generate increased awareness for an event, campaign or offer. Increase your overall follower base and expand the reach of your social media marketing dollars.

Facebook – boosted and sponsored post – the boosted post is a great way to get more exposure for your content. The sponsored post allows for more niche targeting capabilities; great for fan building.

LinkedIn pay-per-click (PPC) – looking to reach business professionals, decision-makers, and capitalize on B2B marketing? With 225 million users, consider creating a LinkedIn ad on the self-serving platform…reach consumers via niche targeting, even as focused as by job title or company.

With any use of social media advertising, remember – content and targeting is key. It’s not about how often you post, it’s about how relevant and engaging your content is for your audience.