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5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

According to Mailmunch (2016), about 60% of people believe email marketing outperforms social media. It has a higher conversion rate, better ROI and much easier to build! With this being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind for email marketing:

  1. Have a creative subject line because subject lines are the most important part to an email. Avoid using ALL CAPS to make sure the email does not go to the spam filter.
  2. Keep your email lists up to date because email addresses can change every few months for some people. (Mailchimp 2016).
  3. Personalize your email as much as you can by stating “Hello (first name here). According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.
  4. Make sure all emails are mobile friendly. Constant Contact stated that 75% of people would delete an email immediately if they are unable to view it on their phone.
  5. Most importantly, have a clear call to action! If the reader cannot determine what they are supposed to do with the email, chances are they will delete it.




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Marketing for Startups: The Importance of Hiring an Agency Partner


We’ve worked with many startups over the past few years and the projects are always a labor of love for our team. We get to be there from the start – watching the brand come alive from infancy and through the many stages of an integrated brand campaign.

What most of our startup clients have in common is a clear business plan: who they target, what products they will sell, what services they will provide, and what their pricing and revenue goals be. And while they have an appreciation for marketing, they lack the time to focus on marketing strategies to support the overall business plan.

If you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or the loving friend of one, here’s why you should consider hiring an agency partner as part of your new team:

1. Piece of Mind.

The majority of your time will be spent on meetings with general contractors, lawyers and engineers, recruiting talent, nurturing your sales network, drafting revenue plans, and pretty much second guessing yourself every minute. An agency will not only provide business analysis and consultation because they have experience with upstarts; but they will also listen. They’ll develop a marketing strategy and tactical recommendations that will align with your business strategy and revenue goals.

2. Brand Strategy = Consistency.

Your brand story is the heart of your identity. An agency will work with you to develop your story and the branded elements that are the visual representation of your brand. With a multi-channel approach, your brand will be reflected by you, your employees, website, social media, email, signage, content, apparel, collateral, business cards, elevator pitch and more.

3. Humanize Your Brand.

Smart brand marketers are breaking down the walls between B2B and B2C marketing and building brand personalities that resonate with consumers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An agency will find your audience, create relevant content and interesting graphics to create a conversation and grow your social media community.

4. Shareconomy.

Startups can benefit from the agency’s network of clients, strategic partners, media relations, production vendors and many more. The value of the agency’s network to connect upstarts is an important benefit – just make sure your agency has a good reputation.

5. Save Time.

With an agency, the startup is assigned a single point of contact for your needs: from design and production management to social media and website design, to public relations and networking. This allows you to make one phone call or meeting and have an army behind you working on your behalf.

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10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client

David Letterman’s recent retirement from Late Show has inspired this post, 10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client. As an Agency we are always trying to figure out how to provide the best products and services to our clients and I thought it would be fun to detail what we look for in an ideal client relationship.

10. Start with the positive. When providing feedback, start with something positive. It always goes a long way to improve morale on your business.

9. Show us your product. Let us take a tour of your business, taste your product, listen to your engineers and employees and make us part of your team. If you can find the time, this will generate a knowledgeable agency team who goes above and beyond, I promise.

8. Be timely. Timely correspondence is critical to keep the ball rolling on your projects. If too much time passes on a project the agency has to re-learn elements making it less efficient and exciting.

7. Be your best brand ambassador. Be fierce in protecting and building your brand internally and with your strategic partners. Your energy and professionalism is contagious.

6. Share ideas that inspire you. We’ll pin them up on our office walls and work to see if and how these ideas can be implemented for you. We love a good challenge.

5. Help us write your briefs. The brief can be time consuming – but if you take the time to help us finish the project brief than it is very likely we will not get into multiple rounds of revisions and change orders. Let’s agree to a comprehensive brief at the beginning.

4. Referral business. This means that you trust us and want others to benefit from working with us. We appreciate referrals and consider them the ultimate form of flattery.

3. Make time in your day for us. Account Service professionals are always asked about client feedback. I find myself repeatedly explaining that while we think about our client’s business all the time, they are busy and think about us far less! However, even if it is a ten-minute call once a week, the time you create for us is invaluable.

2. Be honest with us. Please. We can handle honesty and our best client relationships are a constant work in progress.

1. Tell us when you like something. Either when you feel that we have done something exceptional or when it was something small. We share your positivity with the entire team in exchange for smiles.

We are so happy to have so many clients that do this on a daily basis and we’d be thrilled to work with you as well. Give us a call!


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