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Why Email is the Best Invention of the 20th Century

Airplanes, television, and antibiotics were invented in the 20th Century. While we would definitely agree with the general consensus that these are all important and life changing, email (invented in 1972) has our vote for the best invention of the last 100 or so years.

Why do we love email so much?

It’s Instantaneous

There’s no waiting period for someone to receive an email. In our current “need it now” society, email allows a consumer to receive your communication immediately after you send it.

It’s Convenient

Email allows people in different areas and time zones to communicate at a time that works for them. It also provides the sender with the option to send communication to an individual, a few people, or a group.

It’s Mobile

Email has evolved with the constantly changing landscape of communication. Accessible on laptops, mobile devices, tablets and more, email is functional across multiple devices. It allows for conversation any time, any place (as long as you have Wi-Fi or cell phone service!).

It’s Documented

Email provides a paper trail allowing for the sender and recipient to reference back information, data, and questions. No more losing an answer written on a random piece of scrap paper. It provides an easy to access stream of communication.

It’s Multifaceted

Email isn’t just for sending a note. You can include documents, pictures, Gifs, and more. Your email can be as personalized and in-depth or as simple and to the point as you would like.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Email isn’t the ONLY way you should be communicating. We still love phone calls, in-person discussions, and the occasional smoke signal. Ready to take your email to the next step? Read our tips on email marketing!

– Becky


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14 ways to increase a consumer’s love of your social media channels

SOCIAL-MEDIA-BLOGIn the spirit of the season, here are some useful ideas to add some “love” to your company’s social presence.

1) Use photo-editing tools
Quality images are an important part of social media and a reflection of your brand. If you don’t have a designer on hand, there are many tools available at your disposal. Try sites like PicMonkey or Canva to add a little zing to your post.

2) Dabble with infographics
They’re versatile, link-worthy and controllable. Highlight engaging content that will attract customers.

 3) Attend a Social Media Marketing conference
Keep yourself educated. Social media tricks and tools change all the time. Check out: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/smmworld/

4) Encourage content sharing
Entice your customers to share your content and create a viral effect. Offer incentives and be direct about sharing. Spread the love!

5) Contesting
Contesting is a great way to increase your social presence and let happy customers try your brand. Do you have a hotel? Give away a free night. Do you have a restaurant? Give away a gift certificate. More times than not your winning customer will appreciate the gesture and turn back to social media to positively talk about it.

6) Use Pay-per-click (PPC) ads
Pay per click ads can nurture a number of different conversions—grow your page, increase web clicks, plus so much more.

7) Boost your posts. Please.
Remember, without a “boost” only approximately 10% of your audience sees your post. Boosting allows you to spread your message, and reach qualified leads by targeting by geography, age, gender, etc.

8) Don’t forget about Instagram
Only on Facebook and Twitter? Time to add Instagram. Instagram is growing quick, faster than the competition.

9) Be in the moment
Consumers love real-time marketing. If you’re at an event, post a photo. If you’re promoting your grand opening, engage your audiences as it’s happening.

10) Engage with an agency
Social media is a big undertaking. It requires many dedicated hours to keep your channels running smoothly and effectively. Agencies like Rumbletree offer social media services on all different levels, for any type of client—big or small.

11) Reply!
Remember, social media is for….being social! Don’t forget to reply to your customers comments and concerns in a timely manner, or they may drop you like it’s hot.

12) Noodle with video
Video is the most-viewed content form. Use it! Video can be posted just as a photo would be. It can be boosted or promoted to reach your current audience and beyond.

13) Twitter
Tweet. Reply. Retweet. Boom.

14) Pay attention to your cover graphics
Remember, each social media channel requires you to upload graphics that represent your brand’s page. These come in all different specs and sizes. Engage with an agency to make sure the face of your brand is reflected in the strongest way possible.

And a bonus.

15) Have fun!
Social media is cool. It’s now a part of many people’s everyday jobs. Have fun with it. Get quirky. Get funky. Go big or go home.


Rumbletree Celebrates 25 Years and Growing Partnership

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

NORTH HAMPTON — Now in its 25th year, Rumbletree Strategic Creative Marketing, a full-service agency located north of Boston on the New Hampshire seacoast announces the promotion of Rumbletree client services director Jessica Kellogg to partner, managing director, the addition of Alex Kellogg to partner, business development and the promotion of Kelley Angulo to director, digital engagement.

Jessica Kellogg joined Rumbletree in 2009 and has a proven track record of building brands and launching digital experiences for over 16 years. In this role she will be responsible for developing integrated marketing solutions, branded experiences, strategic partnerships and client operations.

“It is a privilege to serve alongside my Rumbletree family. Our talented team is well poised and excited for another 25 years in helping clients find their voice,” said Jessica. “Our long-term relationships are built on honesty, hard work and a commitment to going above and beyond to ensure our clients consistently receive impactful, innovative design and creative content that touches consumers across digital, non-traditional and traditional experiences.”

Alex Kellogg, former senior account manager at TEKsystems, a leading provider of IT staffing services has joined the strategic marketing firm as a partner to bolster new business. Kellogg possesses 18 years of leadership experience and played a key role in TEKsystems opening the Portsmouth, NH office and growing the Maine and New Hampshire markets with key accounts such as L.L. Bean and TD Bank.

Charles Yeaton, 40-year marketing communication veteran will remain partner and creative director and continue his leadership in creative design and marketing.

“Combining our high quality, multi-faceted expertise, creativity and exceptional account service into one partnership presents us with an edge in our endeavor to service our current clients and continue helping new clients find their voice,” said Yeaton. “Holding true to our promise of remarkable design has made Rumbletree more competitive in the marketplace than ever.”

Kelley Angulo will focus on integrating online, mobile, social, and SEM into client strategies. “Digital is an ideal place for our clients to achieve their business goals,” said Kelley. “Digital platforms are scalable to any budget and hyper-targeting allows us to reach diverse audiences with different messages.”

For more information go to rumbletree.com or call 603-433-6214.

25th Anniversary Series: Embark on a Culinary Journey (#7)

A group of restaurant professionals from Maine asked us to brand a series of Wine & Food Festivals that were to take place along the storied coastline of Maine.

They had envisioned that this series would celebrate the abundant culinary treasures that Maine had to offer.

However, the events had a loftier goal than just elevating Maine’s culinary story. Their strategic plan and goal was to host these three-day events and have them help extend the summer season and offer hospitality partners and merchants an added economic boost to cap off their already busy summer season.

Rumbletree’s charge was to not only brand the event, but to create a buzz, build potential partnerships and heighten the awareness of these events.

An oversized brochure was designed to be the showcase piece. Group members used the brochures in one-on-one meetings to build sponsorship opportunities and forge partnerships.

Direct Mail was used through regional Chamber of Commerces and print supported these tactics in selected pubs.

Coast of Maine

A key giveaway in knowing that you have developed a successful and effective campaign is when the good word travels further than your anticipated reach – which is exactly what the Wine & Food Festival did.

Omnicom, the marketing giant out of New York, reached out to us with a call. Turns out that the buzz and promotion had captured the attention of one of their clients.

That client was Martha Stewart.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

25th Anniversary Series: A Best Seller (#6)


A prominent author was looking to build his writing sanctuary on a secluded parcel of land located along the Rye seacoast. Twelve Architectural/Building firms located throughout New England were invited to submit proposals.

Our client, Auger Building Company, was one of the twelve firms invited to pitch. Ben (Auger) knew full well that the biggest and best firms would be pulling out all the stops.

He asked us to help him with this opportunity.

Auger Building Company has a flawless reputation. True craftsmanship and attention to detail, coupled with a down to earth, approachable communication style are their hallmarks.

Over the years, Ben has worked with some of the best architectural photographers to capture the aesthetic beauty of his projects. Photographers that could not only capture the amazing handcrafted details, but could also capture the very soul of each home.

A folder containing handwritten notes from clients he had worked with was also provided; heartfelt notes thanking him and his team for bringing their vision to life.

Building off Ben’s personal style and strengths, it was very obvious from the outset that a “less is more” approach would be fitting for us to explore.

We decided to let his work speak for itself. By using the great photography paired with excerpts from the handwritten notes, we would tell the compelling Auger Building Company story.

Our creative team explored various ways to display these visuals. Portfolio cases, etched metal binders, rivet systems – you name it and we tried it, but none of these options felt right.

Solution. Let’s build a book.

Beautiful sheets of textured ivory paper were selected. These sheets were critical. They would not only be imprinted with the wonderful quotes from Ben’s clients, but would also be the base for individual photographs that we would painstakingly mount by hand.

This was going to be a one-of-a-kind, twenty-four page, hand-built album.


Proposals were submitted and it wasn’t long before we got a call from Ben. The author was blown away with the hand-built book, and Auger Building Company had been awarded the project!

To this day, the book secures a prized location in Dan Brown’s wife’s personal library.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01




25th Anniversary Series: Elvis has left the building! (#4)


elvis promo

Back in the early 90’s, Maine Mall hosted a traveling Elvis memorabilia tour.
An 18 wheeler would soon be rolling into town, jam-packed with the belongings from “The Kings” treasured archives.

We were charged with promotion for this event. Radio, print, public relations, direct mail, and in-mall posters were all part of the media mix.

Everyone knew the “King of Rock ‘n’ Roll” was popular – we were just about to find out how popular he really was.

The week-long promotion kicked off on a Monday morning. Crowd counts swelled by the hour (not just by the day)! By mid-week, Maine Mall’s management added extra staffing and security to ensure crowd safety. “The parking lots are full, we’re as busy as we are during the holidays!” was reported by our ecstatic client.

The wrap up report confirmed the success of the Elvis promotion. Attendance records had been shattered by the week-long mall promotion, and an increase in average purchase rose from $48 to $64.

But perhaps, the most interesting stat of all?

All 54 in-mall Elvis posters had mysteriously left their holders.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client

David Letterman’s recent retirement from Late Show has inspired this post, 10 Ways To Be Your Agency’s Favorite Client. As an Agency we are always trying to figure out how to provide the best products and services to our clients and I thought it would be fun to detail what we look for in an ideal client relationship.

10. Start with the positive. When providing feedback, start with something positive. It always goes a long way to improve morale on your business.

9. Show us your product. Let us take a tour of your business, taste your product, listen to your engineers and employees and make us part of your team. If you can find the time, this will generate a knowledgeable agency team who goes above and beyond, I promise.

8. Be timely. Timely correspondence is critical to keep the ball rolling on your projects. If too much time passes on a project the agency has to re-learn elements making it less efficient and exciting.

7. Be your best brand ambassador. Be fierce in protecting and building your brand internally and with your strategic partners. Your energy and professionalism is contagious.

6. Share ideas that inspire you. We’ll pin them up on our office walls and work to see if and how these ideas can be implemented for you. We love a good challenge.

5. Help us write your briefs. The brief can be time consuming – but if you take the time to help us finish the project brief than it is very likely we will not get into multiple rounds of revisions and change orders. Let’s agree to a comprehensive brief at the beginning.

4. Referral business. This means that you trust us and want others to benefit from working with us. We appreciate referrals and consider them the ultimate form of flattery.

3. Make time in your day for us. Account Service professionals are always asked about client feedback. I find myself repeatedly explaining that while we think about our client’s business all the time, they are busy and think about us far less! However, even if it is a ten-minute call once a week, the time you create for us is invaluable.

2. Be honest with us. Please. We can handle honesty and our best client relationships are a constant work in progress.

1. Tell us when you like something. Either when you feel that we have done something exceptional or when it was something small. We share your positivity with the entire team in exchange for smiles.

We are so happy to have so many clients that do this on a daily basis and we’d be thrilled to work with you as well. Give us a call!


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