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Is your 2018 Marketing Strategy Ready?

If only you could drive over to Target, pick out a website from the shelf, check out, and call it a day….

If only marketing were that simple! But its not. And you shouldn’t want it to be, either. Because your business is unique. And a unique business requires well thought out strategy and planning to ensure the train keeps running smoothly.

Organization is key. In fact, now is the perfect time to start planning for next year. Many of our clients elect to dedicate January as their “organization” time. The organization phase is key to getting out of the gates cleanly. So what does that mean? It means your marketing strategy. Make sure your strategy is in place at the beginning of the year so the remainder can be spent executing on it.

Marketing is not instant. In fact, the best campaigns take time. Take for example the travel industry in New England. Do you start your campaign upon the beginning of your busy season? Or are you thinking about the fact that most planners are booking their vacations 4-6 months before that time? Your strategy and research (aka the “organization” phase) can help you strategize things like so. Because in hindsight, you should really be top of mind and have a presence at that 4-6 month planning window – not just during the busy season when you’re already at full vacancy.

Try using a marketing checklist to make sure your business is ready for 2018:

  1. Is your marketing strategy in place?
  2. Do you have a detailed calendar, marketing when key messages and campaigns should be in full effect?
  3. What’s the current status of your website? Your website is the face of your brand. Is it responsive? Up to date with content? Have you done an SEO audit recently to help with your search rankings? Or are you still running on a platform from 1999? Don’t laugh! We’ve seen many.
  4. Your 2nd most visited place is likely to be your social media. If you’re not actively engaging with your audience – they’re going to drop you! Make sure your social strategy for 2018 has your target audience in mind. Often times, on social and beyond, we see the business promoting what THEY are interested in, rather than what their AUDIENCE is interested in. Make sure you’re talking to the person who’s actually keeping your revenue stream consistent.
  5. Stop and think about your brand identity. How old is it? Is it more than 5 years old? Is it time for a brand refresh?
  6. Target, target, target. In the digital world we now live in, everything is targeted. Make sure you’re investing your dollars wisely into areas where your audience is likely to consume the information. Having the time to research and negotiate a media buy in advance will help ensure this is happening.
  7. Lastly, have fun. Marketing is the cool stuff. It requires creativity, brainstorming and trial and error. Get your team involved. The best campaigns require the effort of everyone – your marketing agency, your business, your staff and your advocates. Figure out what makes you special, and capitalize on it.

Now let’s get planning! Only 20 days until 2018.


Colors of Love

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other,”

Paul Coelho wasn’t kidding, this was the exact emotion I felt when I stumbled upon Pantone’s website searching for the perfect swatch of red to blog about in this post.

Maybe its more common for graphic designers to get wooed over posh pinks, vibrant yellows, and sleek shades of grey, (50 to be exact!) while scrolling through the Pantone library, but I couldn’t help but question what makes color so powerful? Or even how simple shades and tones have a way of changing or expressing our design and even the simplest of ideas with emotion.

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day for example. Everywhere we step we are engulfed in a sea of Pantone shades of shiny reds, pretty pinks and pure whites. Why these colors? And what numbers create the perfect shade?

It is scientifically true that color effects emotion and pink is a delicate color that represents playful, cute, and tender. Pink is also associated with bubble gum, flowers, cotton candy, and sweetness, and in other words the perfect color (and options) for a Valentine’s gift. Yes boys, pink may seem like a girly color, but it also represents the universal love of oneself and of others, so it’s okay if you secretly like Pantone 17-1928, (who doesn’t, it’s bubblegum!) it just means you’re capable of loving.

Let’s turn things up a notch or two, Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is naturally associated with energy, strength, power, and determination. Red is a very emotionally intense color, while also being known to represent passion, desire, and love. If you want a quick emotional response right away and a Fiesta, red is your color, (Pantone 17-1564 to be exact) and by color I’m suggesting a bouquet of red roses in this perfect shade…

Last but not least white. When color is at its most complete and pure. The color of perfection. Purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. However it may seem hard to believe that anything is “complete” when you’re staring at a blank rectangle of Pantone 11-0601. But white is the representation of beginnings, and how can we complete any project without once starting from a blank canvas of pure white?

Now that we’ve indulged in a little color theory, you’ll be on the right track to expressing your emotions and creativity through color.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


25th Anniversary Series: Embark on a Culinary Journey (#7)

A group of restaurant professionals from Maine asked us to brand a series of Wine & Food Festivals that were to take place along the storied coastline of Maine.

They had envisioned that this series would celebrate the abundant culinary treasures that Maine had to offer.

However, the events had a loftier goal than just elevating Maine’s culinary story. Their strategic plan and goal was to host these three-day events and have them help extend the summer season and offer hospitality partners and merchants an added economic boost to cap off their already busy summer season.

Rumbletree’s charge was to not only brand the event, but to create a buzz, build potential partnerships and heighten the awareness of these events.

An oversized brochure was designed to be the showcase piece. Group members used the brochures in one-on-one meetings to build sponsorship opportunities and forge partnerships.

Direct Mail was used through regional Chamber of Commerces and print supported these tactics in selected pubs.

Coast of Maine

A key giveaway in knowing that you have developed a successful and effective campaign is when the good word travels further than your anticipated reach – which is exactly what the Wine & Food Festival did.

Omnicom, the marketing giant out of New York, reached out to us with a call. Turns out that the buzz and promotion had captured the attention of one of their clients.

That client was Martha Stewart.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

25th Anniversary Series: A Best Seller (#6)


A prominent author was looking to build his writing sanctuary on a secluded parcel of land located along the Rye seacoast. Twelve Architectural/Building firms located throughout New England were invited to submit proposals.

Our client, Auger Building Company, was one of the twelve firms invited to pitch. Ben (Auger) knew full well that the biggest and best firms would be pulling out all the stops.

He asked us to help him with this opportunity.

Auger Building Company has a flawless reputation. True craftsmanship and attention to detail, coupled with a down to earth, approachable communication style are their hallmarks.

Over the years, Ben has worked with some of the best architectural photographers to capture the aesthetic beauty of his projects. Photographers that could not only capture the amazing handcrafted details, but could also capture the very soul of each home.

A folder containing handwritten notes from clients he had worked with was also provided; heartfelt notes thanking him and his team for bringing their vision to life.

Building off Ben’s personal style and strengths, it was very obvious from the outset that a “less is more” approach would be fitting for us to explore.

We decided to let his work speak for itself. By using the great photography paired with excerpts from the handwritten notes, we would tell the compelling Auger Building Company story.

Our creative team explored various ways to display these visuals. Portfolio cases, etched metal binders, rivet systems – you name it and we tried it, but none of these options felt right.

Solution. Let’s build a book.

Beautiful sheets of textured ivory paper were selected. These sheets were critical. They would not only be imprinted with the wonderful quotes from Ben’s clients, but would also be the base for individual photographs that we would painstakingly mount by hand.

This was going to be a one-of-a-kind, twenty-four page, hand-built album.


Proposals were submitted and it wasn’t long before we got a call from Ben. The author was blown away with the hand-built book, and Auger Building Company had been awarded the project!

To this day, the book secures a prized location in Dan Brown’s wife’s personal library.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

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25th Anniversary Series: Turning the Big Two Five!

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

This year marks Rumbletree’s twenty-fifth year in this amazing, crazy business of marketing.

A big thank you to all our incredibly smart, passionate clients that have worked with us to help them “find their voice”. We’ve been fortunate to have partnered with clients across all business sectors. And even more fortunate to call them friends.

To all our amazing employees past and present, you’re the best. So bright, and so willing to constantly push yourselves to find that next big idea.

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, my team has asked me to choose 25 pieces of creative from over the years and share them with you. (Not an easy task by the way!)

Over the next few months I’ll be digging deep into the archives, dusting off a few “oldies but goodies’ and throwing in some current favorites. Here’s my first selection “The Boss Loves Charts (Bayring)”

This is going to be fun.

Can’t wait to see what the next twenty-five will bring.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series,written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.