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places to eat in new hampshireNHflavors.com is your adventure destination. You can search places to eat and sleep in many ways:  by price, by region of the state and by type of cuisine. There are also inspiration sections with itineraries. The blog is frequently updated with events, activities and more.

NH Flavors brand launch and website design by Rumbletree.


Colors of Love

“Love was a feeling completely bound up with color, like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other,”

Paul Coelho wasn’t kidding, this was the exact emotion I felt when I stumbled upon Pantone’s website searching for the perfect swatch of red to blog about in this post.

Maybe its more common for graphic designers to get wooed over posh pinks, vibrant yellows, and sleek shades of grey, (50 to be exact!) while scrolling through the Pantone library, but I couldn’t help but question what makes color so powerful? Or even how simple shades and tones have a way of changing or expressing our design and even the simplest of ideas with emotion.

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day for example. Everywhere we step we are engulfed in a sea of Pantone shades of shiny reds, pretty pinks and pure whites. Why these colors? And what numbers create the perfect shade?

It is scientifically true that color effects emotion and pink is a delicate color that represents playful, cute, and tender. Pink is also associated with bubble gum, flowers, cotton candy, and sweetness, and in other words the perfect color (and options) for a Valentine’s gift. Yes boys, pink may seem like a girly color, but it also represents the universal love of oneself and of others, so it’s okay if you secretly like Pantone 17-1928, (who doesn’t, it’s bubblegum!) it just means you’re capable of loving.

Let’s turn things up a notch or two, Red is the color of fire and blood, so it is naturally associated with energy, strength, power, and determination. Red is a very emotionally intense color, while also being known to represent passion, desire, and love. If you want a quick emotional response right away and a Fiesta, red is your color, (Pantone 17-1564 to be exact) and by color I’m suggesting a bouquet of red roses in this perfect shade…

Last but not least white. When color is at its most complete and pure. The color of perfection. Purity, innocence, wholeness and completion. However it may seem hard to believe that anything is “complete” when you’re staring at a blank rectangle of Pantone 11-0601. But white is the representation of beginnings, and how can we complete any project without once starting from a blank canvas of pure white?

Now that we’ve indulged in a little color theory, you’ll be on the right track to expressing your emotions and creativity through color.

Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


At Frisbie Memorial Hospital It’s about People. Technology. Trust.

In January, 2016, Frisbie Memorial Hospital, along with Rumbletree, launched a brand awareness campaign. This campaign was the first of its kind in the hospital’s recent marketing history. Using a tagline that had never been promoted (“It’s about People. Technology. Trust”), Rumbletree developed a strategy that would elevate the hospital’s strengths and position Frisbie as one of the seacoast’s leading medical centers.

Included in this campaign were internal tactics to involve the entire Frisbie community and beyond. A series of signage was developed to bring the campaign to life within the hospital. Rumbletree used different graphic elements from the branding campaign and highlighted real people—including Frisbie’s own doctors, nurses and even volunteers. The signage now decorates the halls and a new uplifting and caring energy has emerged when you walk through Frisbie’s front doors. For a sampling of Frisbie’s new interior design, check out our pics below:

Page 6Page 10 Page 4 Page 1 Page 2 Page 5 Page 9 Page 3 Page 7 Page 8

25th Anniversary Series: “May we interest you in a Fine Italian Red?” (#10)


As part of our promotion to launch the New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlet’s new consumer website, we developed a sweepstakes program to bring attention to the new site. One lucky winner was going to drive off as the new owner of a fire red, Italian Fiat 500 sports car.

The commission partnered with Southern Wine & Spirits and Santi Wines to create a five month campaign to encourage consumers to visit the website and enter for a chance to win.

Banner ads engaged consumers with the simple questions, “May we interest you in a Fine Italian Red?”

Record entries poured in over the five month promotion period leading into the holidays.

Our sweepstakes came to a close on Christmas Eve with a very excited grand prize winner being handed the keys to brand new sports car.

25th Anniversary Series: Wentworth By The Sea Country Club (#9)

wentworth-brochure-2Wentworth By The Sea Country Club had noticed a shift from its golf membership base to a family club experience. Rumbletree was hired to create a strategy and implement a program to fill a limited number of family membership openings for the upcoming season.

After taking a tour of the club with their marketing team and Club Manager we left inspired. The facilities were just as immaculate as their famed Scottish links-style course.

What makes this country club so spectacular is its oceanside setting. Fifteen of the eighteen golf holes have breathtaking views of the Atlantic and the entire club setting is tucked away on a secluded parcel of land surrounded by pine groves and the Atlantic.

Our recommended solution was to produce a high-end collateral piece that would be mailed to a targeted list of families with a household income of over $100,000 and lived within a 30 mile radius of the club. Timing of the direct mail was key, we wanted the piece to land in peoples mailboxes in late November to be part of their holiday and year end decision considerations.

See the work here.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

A Fire Inside


Drive Health & Fitness is a fitness facility with a personal, inclusive and modern approach to fitness. This year, Tony Hajjar, Jake Bosse and local Entrepreneur Joe Faro are taking Drive to the next level with the opening of a new, state-of-the-art facility at the historic Coke Bottling Plant in Salem, NH.

To coincide with the opening of of this new 12,000 square foot facility, Drive came to Rumbletree to overhaul their brand in preparation of their big move.

We took a deep look at what makes Drive tick, and proposed a new logo and tagline that work hand in hand. ‘A Fire Inside’ captures their mission succinctly—to help members of their fitness community find and sustain their own inner drive. A slight name change to ‘Drive Custom Fit’ was proposed to better represent their customized and modern approach to strengthening body and mind.

Learn more about Drive on Facebook and stay tuned for an expanded look at the Drive brand.

img-blog-drive-1 img-blog-drive-2 img-blog-drive-4

25th Anniversary Series: Saving the Planet (#8)

In the early 90’s environmental awareness was just taking hold. Pheasant Lane Mall, located in Nashua, NH, came to us and presented a unique challenge of designing and implementing an effective program to heighten awareness around this important issue.

Rumbletree got to work and created an environmental competition among local high schools in which students competed in different events with an environmental focus.

We developed a logo and theme line for the promotion and used print, radio, in-mall materials, publicity and community relations to support our “Protecting the Environment is a Class Act” program.

Students fashioned outfits made from recycled materials, performed skits and tested their production skills and environmental knowledge in an “Examination Earth” quiz show.

Pheasant Lane Mall Nashua

Old burlap bags, blankets, discarded wire, magazines, plastic bottles and other “trash” items became inspiration for our young aspiring fashion designers. Colorful outfits were assembled, constructed and graced the mall’s “Environmental Runway”.

Was it a success? We think so. “Protecting the Environment is a Class Act” program highlights included:

– The highest recall of any promotion to date for Pheasant Lane Mall
– Front-page coverage in The Nashua Telegraph
– An increase in average purchase from $45 to $62 during the month long event
– A commendation from The Earth Day Foundation
– A request from the schools to make this an annual event


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

25th Anniversary Series: Embark on a Culinary Journey (#7)

A group of restaurant professionals from Maine asked us to brand a series of Wine & Food Festivals that were to take place along the storied coastline of Maine.

They had envisioned that this series would celebrate the abundant culinary treasures that Maine had to offer.

However, the events had a loftier goal than just elevating Maine’s culinary story. Their strategic plan and goal was to host these three-day events and have them help extend the summer season and offer hospitality partners and merchants an added economic boost to cap off their already busy summer season.

Rumbletree’s charge was to not only brand the event, but to create a buzz, build potential partnerships and heighten the awareness of these events.

An oversized brochure was designed to be the showcase piece. Group members used the brochures in one-on-one meetings to build sponsorship opportunities and forge partnerships.

Direct Mail was used through regional Chamber of Commerces and print supported these tactics in selected pubs.

Coast of Maine

A key giveaway in knowing that you have developed a successful and effective campaign is when the good word travels further than your anticipated reach – which is exactly what the Wine & Food Festival did.

Omnicom, the marketing giant out of New York, reached out to us with a call. Turns out that the buzz and promotion had captured the attention of one of their clients.

That client was Martha Stewart.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01