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places to eat in new hampshireNHflavors.com is your adventure destination. You can search places to eat and sleep in many ways:  by price, by region of the state and by type of cuisine. There are also inspiration sections with itineraries. The blog is frequently updated with events, activities and more.

NH Flavors brand launch and website design by Rumbletree.


What’s in a Brand Name?

Your name is the first impression consumers, potential buyers, and future converters will associate with your brand. It’s, in our opinion, one of the most important pieces to set your brand up for success.

Now, we’re no strangers to naming here at Rumbletree and have successfully helped many brands launch or relaunch themselves through a compelling brand name, logo design, identity, and more. You can check out some of our branding campaigns in our case studies here. But today, we want to talk about OUR brand and how we came to be.

What’s in a name…the Rumbletree story.

We get asked all the time what our name means and the story behind it and we’re always happy to share! A brand name is an opportunity to build engagement and explaining why you chose it or what it means can often allow for a conversation and exchange of company values to occur. So, let’s start with explaining what exactly a Rumbletree is.

A Rumbletree is the center of an African ritual. When young members of certain African tribes come of age, they join adults in a drum circle formed around the Rumbletree. The objective of this ritual is not just to play a drum beat, but to help each of the new adults find their own distinct rhythm. Their voice.

How does it fit our company?

We’ve made it our mission to help clients find their own unique voice, too. In a typical day at Rumbletree, you can find us hashing out strategies, building and developing brands, and establishing names and taglines. We’re after what the Rumbletree encompasses: a strong, clear voice that stands out amidst the noise of many.

But how did it come to be?

When our agency came to be, the name wasn’t Rumbletree, it was Barradas, Yeaton, and Wold. Simply thought of, it was the name of all of the original partners. Not exactly distinct or memorable. When we first started, equity was in an individual’s name, not your brand…the marketing world has come a long way! After a few years in the business, we knew it was time for a new name. A name that encompassed what we did and who we were. We were and still are, a dynamic, highly strategic creative agency. Thus, the Rumbletree name was born and it’s stuck ever since.

So, are you ready to get people talking about your brand? Drop us a line and let’s figure out your new name and everything that goes with it!


Marketing for Startups: The Importance of Hiring an Agency Partner


We’ve worked with many startups over the past few years and the projects are always a labor of love for our team. We get to be there from the start – watching the brand come alive from infancy and through the many stages of an integrated brand campaign.

What most of our startup clients have in common is a clear business plan: who they target, what products they will sell, what services they will provide, and what their pricing and revenue goals be. And while they have an appreciation for marketing, they lack the time to focus on marketing strategies to support the overall business plan.

If you are a startup, an entrepreneur, or the loving friend of one, here’s why you should consider hiring an agency partner as part of your new team:

1. Piece of Mind.

The majority of your time will be spent on meetings with general contractors, lawyers and engineers, recruiting talent, nurturing your sales network, drafting revenue plans, and pretty much second guessing yourself every minute. An agency will not only provide business analysis and consultation because they have experience with upstarts; but they will also listen. They’ll develop a marketing strategy and tactical recommendations that will align with your business strategy and revenue goals.

2. Brand Strategy = Consistency.

Your brand story is the heart of your identity. An agency will work with you to develop your story and the branded elements that are the visual representation of your brand. With a multi-channel approach, your brand will be reflected by you, your employees, website, social media, email, signage, content, apparel, collateral, business cards, elevator pitch and more.

3. Humanize Your Brand.

Smart brand marketers are breaking down the walls between B2B and B2C marketing and building brand personalities that resonate with consumers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. An agency will find your audience, create relevant content and interesting graphics to create a conversation and grow your social media community.

4. Shareconomy.

Startups can benefit from the agency’s network of clients, strategic partners, media relations, production vendors and many more. The value of the agency’s network to connect upstarts is an important benefit – just make sure your agency has a good reputation.

5. Save Time.

With an agency, the startup is assigned a single point of contact for your needs: from design and production management to social media and website design, to public relations and networking. This allows you to make one phone call or meeting and have an army behind you working on your behalf.

Want to learn more? Take a look at these case studies or give us a call!


25th Anniversary Series: Behind the Hidden Pond Logo (#5)

We love working with clients that have a vision and a relentless desire to make it happen.

Tim Harrington of Kennebunkport had a dream of creating a one-of-a-kind summer cottage experience nestled in the woods of Maine. “Hidden Pond.”

For starters, Hidden Pond needed an identity. A site visit was in order. Our creative team met with Tim onsite to get a first hand look at his 60 acre haven located just a couple of miles from the famed Goose Rocks Beach.


Our first observation that we felt a connection to immediately, was that we were truly immersed in nature. The Sweet Fern and Birch forest offered the ideal setting.

This was soon to be home to the rustic-chic experience Tim had envisioned for his guests.

Phase 1 consisted of 14 signature cottages designed to “bring the outdoors in.” Each cottage features a large screen porch, fully furnished, to take in the natural setting.

One of the things that makes the Hidden Pond Experience so special are the cottages themselves. Fourteen different interior designers were set loose to create the unique personalities for each of these retreats.

First Light. Stargazer. Morning Glory. Silent Pine. Cottage names as distinct as their design and decor.

The Main Lodge was to be a place for guests to mingle and enjoy the spectacular pool and outdoor lounge. Activities would include yoga classes, hiking trails, kayaking, bike excursions and for guests who prefer a little pampering, three tree top spa rooms.

This was to be anything but your traditional Maine cabin experience.

And this is what Rumbletree came up with.

img-blog-hidden-pond-6 img-blog-hidden-pond-7

“I don’t just like the identity Rumbletree came up with, I LOVE it!” – Tim Harrington, Atlantic Holdings

Apparently, so do a lot of other folks.




This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

25th Anniversary Series: Boost Training (#2)


Death by PowerPoint. Really?

Is that any way to engage employees, build new skill sets, and raise their self-confidence? Key Partners didn’t think so either.

Research and client feedback pointed to a need in the marketplace for a professional development workshop structure that was informative and fun, with the added benefit that course content could be implemented in the workplace instantly.

Key Partners asked for our help.

Brainstorming sessions produced countless naming options.
Lists were paired down with a clear favorite rising to the top.
Boost. So simple, so bold, so perfect!

You know you are onto something special when headlines all but write themselves and campaigns roll out with ease.  “Boost had legs”- as we like to say in the creative world.

Fun, colorful illustrations paired with edgy headlines and playful copy allowed Boost Training to breakthrough the cluttered norm.

Take a look.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series, written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

25th Anniversary Series: Turning the Big Two Five!

Rumbletree 2015 Logo-01

This year marks Rumbletree’s twenty-fifth year in this amazing, crazy business of marketing.

A big thank you to all our incredibly smart, passionate clients that have worked with us to help them “find their voice”. We’ve been fortunate to have partnered with clients across all business sectors. And even more fortunate to call them friends.

To all our amazing employees past and present, you’re the best. So bright, and so willing to constantly push yourselves to find that next big idea.

To commemorate our 25th anniversary, my team has asked me to choose 25 pieces of creative from over the years and share them with you. (Not an easy task by the way!)

Over the next few months I’ll be digging deep into the archives, dusting off a few “oldies but goodies’ and throwing in some current favorites. Here’s my first selection “The Boss Loves Charts (Bayring)”

This is going to be fun.

Can’t wait to see what the next twenty-five will bring.


This post is part of Rumbletree’s 25th Anniversary Series,written by Charlie Yeaton, Creative Director. Charlie will be sharing 25 of his favorite projects in 2015.

Rumbletree helps New Hampshire visitors get inspired for summer


For the New Hampshire Division of Travel and Tourism’s summer campaign, we took on the challenge of creating and launching a total brand evolution. Of course, the new creative still features the authentic ‘Live Free’ brand that is unique to New Hampshire, but this time around shown through curated content with a refreshed, modernized and vibrant look.

Summer Inspiration” is a fully-integrated digital summer campaign, designed to ensure that the new ‘Live Free’ theme would be able to weave into the fabric of consumers’ social media experience. With an all-new customized ‘Vacation Inspiration’ webpage, a tapestry of social graphic squares, transit displays found all over Boston, New York City and Canada, television, and more; we’re excited to share with you the full campaign.

Give us a call to work on your integrated campaign and branded experiences!