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Rumbletree’s Favorite Super Bowl Recipes

We’re more than ready for next Sunday’s Super Bowl game! As an office full of Pats fans, we’ll all be cheering on #12 while chowing down on our favorite foods. Need some last-minute suggestions for you game day snacks? Well, look no further!


Super Bowl food of choice: Buffalo Chicken Dip
It’s my favorite because it’s easy to make and DELICIOUS.
Favorite team: Go Pats!

Super Bowl food of choice: Shrimp cocktail & cream cheese dip (with salty potato chips)
It’s my favorite because the salty chips with the sweet dip are yummy and there is no cooking involved.
Favorite team: Pats

Super Bowl food of choice: Buffalo Chicken Dip
I absolutely love buffalo chicken dip because it’s hot, cheesy, spicy and delicious on all flavor levels! For an extra taste, I’ll use Hint of Lime Tostitos chips :).
Favorite team: PATRIOTS! (I am a bandwagon fan)

Super Bowl food of choice: Guac (obvi)
Guac is the best Superbowl snack for so many reasons – its versatility, the fact that you get to eat tortilla chips with it, and because I don’t have to turn on my oven to make it!
Favorite team: The Pats! YAY TOM! (I would say the Jets but I’m a fair-weather fan.)

Super Bowl food of choice: Sally’s Hors d’oeuvres (Tiny piping hot bubbling, golden brown, cheesy treats)
Favorite Recipe:
1 Loaf of Pepperidge Farms thin white bread.
Small onion
Sharp Cheddar Cheese

Take a serrated knife and cut the crust off the bread slices. Then quarter the slices and place on a Teflon baking tray. In a mixing bowl, combine 1 pound of sharp cheddar cheese and enough mayonnaise to hold the cheese together. Slice one small onion into thin slices and quarter. Using a fork and spoon, top each quartered bread slice with the Cheddar Cheese mixture. Place a small piece of onion on top of the cheese mixture.

Finish each with a small dash of Paprika. Place tray under over broiler for 3-4 minutes (or until golden brown and Cheese is bubbling). Plate and serve right away. (I’ve been known to crush a tray of these all by myself!)

Favorite team: Go Pats!

SuperBowl food/drink of choice: a tasty local craft beer
Favorite Recipe:
1. Get off couch. Step 2: Walk to fridge. Step 3: Open fridge. Step 4: Select Beer. Step 5: Open Beer. Step 5.5: If no opener is readily accessible, follow these steps (ignore the name of the site, this applies to my ladies out there as well). Step 6: Enjoy.

It’s my favorite because it’s delicious, requires no plate or utensils, and I don’t need to worry about anyone double dipping their chips in my beer…well, let’s hope not.
Favorite team: Notre Dame Fighting Irish (if it has to be NFL then I suppose the Cincinnati Bengals)

Super Bowl food of choice: chicken wings
Favorite Recipe:
Google “chicken wings near me” and order

It’s my favorite because chicken wings are amazing. And they go with everything, especially football.
Favorite team: The Pats! Tom Brady actually once asked me to marry him.

Super Bowl food of choice: Buffalo Chicken Crescent Ring
It’s my favorite because it’s delicious, savory and spicy, but easier to eat than wings.
Favorite team: I don’t have one, but I say Patriots because of peer pressure.

Super Bowl food of choice: Veggie Buffalo Wings
While this recipe might not be the easiest for everyone to whip up on game day, the outcome is totally worth it. It’s (somewhat) healthy, extremely delicious, and you can pair it with your favorite dipping sauce—yum!
Favorite team: The Patriots

Super Bowl food of choice: Bacon-wrapped dates with parmesan
Everywhere I go, these get gobbled up so quickly! Yes they’re good, but they’re also easy to grab and throw down the hatch :). And everyone loves bacon, right?
Favorite team: Patriots!!!!!!! Go Pats!!!

Super Bowl food of choice: Turkey meatball sliders
Step up your ball game! Easy to make and great as leftovers. It’s fun on a bun.
Favorite team: Patriots!

Jess K.
Super Bowl food of choice: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs
It’s my favorite because you think they’re bad for you, but they’re not!
Favorite team: Go Pats!

How are you celebrating game day?