Rumbletree’s Top Five Favorite Pitch Foods


Eat, sleep, pitch, and repeat. Around here, good food fuels the brain. And when the new business train is fired up going full speed ahead, this place dabbles in our local foodie samplings as if we’ll never eat again. Our late night brainstorms and weekend mornings are seemingly accompanied by stacked-up menus of culinary-goodness. Now that we’ve sampled all ends of the seacoast food spectrum, we are ready to share with you: our top five pitch foods.

1) Vida Cantina

A modern Mexican restaurant using the best local, seasonal and organic ingredients.

What we love: fried avocado and fish tacos.

2) Seacoast Soups and Salads

Our friendly neighbor to the south! They offer take-home meals and sweet treats, designed to make your day a little easier.

What we love: the Asian salad and spicy Thai noodle soup.

3) Street

An eclectic, casual restaurant and cocktail lounge featuring street food from around the world.

What we love: the Cuban sandwich and curry French fries.

4) Li Yuen’s Chinese Cooking School

Not just creative cooking instruction! LYCCS offers an extensive menu with a wide selection of dishes ranging from traditional to modern recipes.

What we love: the orange chicken and dumplings.

5) 180 Restaurant and Bar

Where the seacoast gathers for great pub food and friends.

What we love: the white pizza.

…and there you have it! We’re off to the gym! Eat local, friends!

New Hampshire Restaurant Week Starts Now

We are excited to be working with the New Hampshire Lodging & Restaurant Association in relaunching New Hampshire Restaurant Week for 2015. Rumbletree was tasked with rebooting the event identity from scratch, including logo development, website design, promotional & event collateral and social media. Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on:




On Thursday evening, Tuscan Kitchen in Salem hosted the exclusive Restaurant Week kickoff event, which showcased the creations of celebrity chefs from across the state.


New Hampshire Restaurant Week is March 20-27, 2015.

With over 100 participating restaurants offering special prix fixe menus at varying price levels, you won’t find a better excuse to try something new. We hope you’ll join us in getting out to dine this week. Browse restaurants, menus and more at

Rumbletree Volunteer Day

For those that have visited our North Hampton office, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen a furry, four-legged (or three-legged – hi Marley!) employee wandering the halls.  Here at Rumbletree, we are a passionate crew — and animals are definitely at the top of our ‘favorites’ list! Dog beds, water bowls and chew toys are a common sighting in the office and treats are always a given in the kitchen. This past year’s holiday card was even centered around our furry friends because let’s face it – who wouldn’t want to receive a card with eight little bright-eyed faces on it?

This past holiday season the agency hosted an animal-drive, supporting our friends at the MSPCA by collecting many animal necessities. As part of our donation, we donated our time — a company-wide volunteer day was planned to help the MSPCA staff and, of course, the cute critters in need.

At the end of February, the entire company ventured out of the office and made our way down to the MSCPA at Nevins Farm. After receiving a tour of their entire property (we said hello to some horses, a pig named Buster, and even held a rooster (we miss you Floyd), we got to work and spent some quality time with some of the sweetest, and also some of the friendliest and most adorable dogs. For you cat-lovers — don’t worry. We love them too, and treated them to the fanciest of feasts during our visit.

Check out the video and some of the shots that we took during our volunteer day, and if you’re able to visit the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, please do! Maybe you’ll even bring home a new friend.

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The MSPCA at Nevins Farm, in Methuen, Massachusetts, is a unique 55-acre animal care complex that provides shelter and adoption services for both farm and companion animals; an exceptional equine program, including rehabilitation, adoption services, and a world-renowned equine ambulance program; community outreach and education, including a popular summer camp for children; resources for pet owners who have lost a companion animal, including a crematory and cemetery; and humane law enforcement services that uphold animal protection laws and provide care to animal victims of abuse and neglect. To donate directly to a Nevins Farm program, please click here.

Trusting Video

By now we all have dabbled with YouTube or Vimeo, shared videos and other content on Facebook, it’s the world we live in today – fast, creative and hopefully significant. However, the question is still being asked, “Can I really participate on the video or film front when I do not have a large advertising budget?” The answer is, “Yes you can!” and it’s easier than it looks.

Certainly, a budget will make it less difficult, but all sorts of viral videos were created with less than huge sums of money. Take the Dollar Shave Club for example. With a budget that has been said to be under $5,000/video you have a simple yet effective online campaign with major impressions, like seventeen million views. Or Wendy’s Lookbook, again, small budget that produced big numbers, twenty eight million views for one sequence. By using creative thinking, a little elbow grease and a sense of trust in the video platform, you too can out shine the competition.

In an effort to get the brain wrapped around the concept, consider these statistics. Back in June of 2013, VB News reported: By 2016, U.S. online video viewers are expected to double to 1.5 billion. That’s a billion with a “B”! Take when they shared their research that video posts out-perform traditional blog posts in social media. Facebook Likes: Posts without video – 480.82, posts with video – 639.72. And for all of you retailers out there, Comscore says; Retail site visitors who view video stay two minutes longer on average and are 64% more likely to purchase than other site visitors. This equates to video usage that out performs and becomes a mainline to revenue.

Given that we at Rumbletree leave no stone unturned when looking for new and effective ways to promote, we have come up with a few suggestions for your next video production, large or small. (I) Have a goal in mind and spend time conceptualizing. By taking time to brainstorm both the content and the visuals you will be ahead of the game when the production crew asks for a formal script. (II) Make your video compelling quickly, viewer dropouts are high after one minute. (III) Always, and I mean always. include a call to action. It may seem obvious, but you would be surprised how many videos we see that lack in this function. (IV) The work doesn’t end once the video is published, it is just beginning. Be active on the social front, engage followers and collaborate with partners. A follow through is essential.

Take the New Hampshire Tourism “Live Free” campaign as an example of short, sweet and effective 15 second spots that bring to light the simplicity of momentous occasions.

The video format is not only hip, but also very valuable. If you run into any questions along the way, let us know, we are here to help find your voice.

Carter Davidson is Rumbletree’s staff Video Producer. When he’s not researching his next project or in the edit room, you can typically find him chasing light in a beautiful part of the world.

Safe Harbor Recovery Center


We love helping clients establish their brand identity and giving back to our community. So, when a former colleague reached out to us for help with launching Safe Harbor Recovery Center, a peer-to-peer program, we jumped right in. The Center is a community resource that is open to anyone concerned with alcohol and drug addiction. It exists to foster recovery and empower individuals, families and the greater Seacoast region of New Hampshire.

The identity captures the essence of the peer-based support offered by Safe Harbor. The symbol of a school of fish represents the strength of traveling together to move forward.  “Support Runs Deep”, the tagline, reinforces the message of strength and community with a nod to the Seacoast, where the center is located.  Lastly, our font and color choices help to show the stability and bright future Safe Harbor provides with its services.

To connect with Safe Harbor Recovery Center, like them on Facebook.



If you’re reading this, you’ve stumbled upon the new

This overhaul gave us an opportunity to look inward at our agency—our services, our work and our culture— and ask ourselves how we could paint a more accurate picture of who we really are. To rebuild from scratch, with no preconceptions, was a liberating proposition for our creative team. We laughed. We cried. We coded. I couldn’t be happier with where it ended up, and we’re excited to share it with you.

We set a few basic goals when sketching out the new site. We wanted to convey our range of services better (what is a ‘full-service marketing agency’, exactly?), we wanted to share our work in a more expressive and interesting way, and we wanted to make it easier to communicate with our clients and fans. On top of that, it needed to be flexible, responsive across various screens and devices, and—perhaps most importantly—super simple.

So much of the work we do doesn’t fit in a tidy box. Brands grow up and roll out. Campaigns sprawl across traditional, digital and social media. We needed a more flexible mechanism for displaying our creative that better reflects the individuality of our campaigns. The result is a versatile, open-ended system in which each project page is custom, laid out by hand. We get to show more, and nothing is force fit. Our hope is that it will give you a better feel for the nuances of each campaign, and a better understanding of what we do.

You won’t find an archive of our work here—more of a curated list. To supplement this we’ll also be sharing our latest work on this blog on a regular basis, as well as press and other rumblings (like this one). Make sure to come back and see what’s new.

I hope you enjoy it,