New England Summer Fun

A week has already passed since the first “official” day of summer finally arrived, and here at Rumbletree, we are soaking up all the summer fun we can get when we step outside of the office. Summer Fridays certainly help with scheduling all of our summer weekend plans, so we decided to share (just a few) of our favorite summer activities New England has to offer…for all ages!

Theme Parks

As a kid, the most important day of the year is Christmas (even to adults). And as much as we all love summer vacation, that all important day can seem so far away… A trip to Santa’s Village gets you fired up and thinking about the upcoming big day (with or without children). It’s also a perfect place for parents because they can remind their kids that Santa is watching…and that being on your best behavior is crucial to get presents from the big guy.

Outdoor Live Music

There is nothing better than outdoor live music during the warmer months of spring, summer, and early fall. From a big band like The Lumineers at Thompson’s Point in Portland to a local guy like Joe Young on the water at Ornell’s in Kittery. This, in combination with a warm summer breeze and a tasty cool drink in hand…life, can’t get any better.

Recreational Biking

When the temps warm up, we love to slow things down by switching out the car for the bike. One of our designers shared her favorite New England bike route around scenic Cape Ann in Massachusetts with us (it’s a secret so don’t share it with anyone). 30 miles from Gloucester to Rockport (both towns accessible by the MBTA Commuter Rail) and back may sound intimidating, but give yourself the day, take in the scenery, and make plenty of stops along the way. Walk the trails and quarry of Halibut Point State Park, explore the site of Gloucester’s first settlers at Stage Fort Park, treat yourself to a Roy Moore Lobster, and be inspired by the quirky typography of the wooden shop signs along Bearskin Neck in Rockport.

Local Breweries

Every New Englander loves a good craft beer, especially when the temperature rises. We’re lucky enough at Rumbletree to be located on the New Hampshire seacoast, packed with local breweries and only a short drive from the awesome spots Maine has to offer. Whether it’s grabbing a drink with coworkers from our closest brewery (Throwback, we love ya!), stopping downtown at the Portsmouth Brewery, or even making the trek to Portland for a brew with a view, there’s no shortage of great beers to try!

Hiking Trails & Beaches

New Hampshire’s small (but mighty) seacoast has also allowed us to enjoy both the beaches and hiking trails in Maine and Massachusetts. Laudholm Farm Trail system in Wells, Maine, is a perfect hiking spot. You can easily access this trail and hike all the way out to a secluded part of the beach. Enjoy the wildlife preserve right down the road at Rachel Carson state park, and end your day with a lobster roll from Bennett’s in Kennebunk. A poolside Pina colada (overlooking the ocean) is necessary from the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport. This day is sure to top your summer bucket list.

Which of our favorite summer activities will you try first?
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