Meet Rumbletree’s Newest Team Members!

Rumbletree, an award-winning full-service advertising firm based just north of Boston on the New Hampshire Seacoast, is pleased to announce its latest expansion effort with the addition of two new hires to media and design teams.

“We are excited to introduce the new members of our staff and expand upon our already growing efforts in creative design, technology and media buying,” said Jess Kellogg, Present at Rumbletree.

Introducing Scott Holt, Executive Creative Director

Scott has made an immediate impact as the Executive Creative Director of Rumbletree. He joined in 2018 and has focused on cultivating and progressing brands through campaign work that employs smart, accessible, and iconic brand presentation.

Prior to leading the extremely talented creative team, he honed his skills and knowledge in freelance, agency, and corporate design environments. Scott is comfortable working with a range of marketing media and disciplines and well versed in InVision, WordPress, and Adobe Creative Suite. His keen eye has helped many clients learn how to showcase their brand.

At Rumbletree, Scott contributes his creative vision to client deliverables, technology, and culture. He’s a key part of the big picture, implementing software, leading collaboration, and executing on the global vision of the agency as a whole.

Introducing Pam Fitzgerald, Media Director, Rumbletree

Pam joined Rumbletree in mid-2018 to lead paid media efforts on behalf of Rumbletree clients.  She believes the only good use of a cookie cutter is as a delivery system for delicious, gooey sugar and builds each media plan to align with her client’s unique marketing goals.

Pam’s career path has included marketing roles in real estate, retail, and fitness as well as her development as a media director within a full-service media agency where every client’s business benefited from data-driven, disciplined media plans.  She is not shy about being a tech-nerd for all things media and marketing and still loves a sharp pencil when negotiating!

Pam lives in southern New Hampshire and listens to travel podcasts on her commute to North Hampton to plan her next adventure with her husband, Mark.

About Rumbletree 

For over 28 years, Rumbletree has been an award-winning, national strategic creative marketing agency that is comprised of a team of talented individuals who provide remarkable solutions for all clients. When it comes to branding and identity, website development, design, strategy and social media, our partners deserve unwavering commitment to quality in both service and design. Let us help you find your voice.