5 Easy Ways to Improve User Experience on your Website

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Before you start thinking about designing (or re-designing) your website, make sure you consider your user first. Most people will only spend about 10-20 seconds* on a site, so you want to communicate your value clearly and concisely, just as you would an elevator pitch!

Here are some easy tips to have a better user experience:

Call out key services on the homepage. It’s imperative that your users have easy access to the most important information you want to get across. Even if you detail out these services elsewhere, include them right on the homepage so they are the first items users see.

Balance relevant information with engaging graphics. Adding images and graphics to written content allows your site to feel less dense, and will feel much more approachable for users. Make sure to use relevant descriptions as alt-tags for your images to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

Utilize infographics and visuals for quicker intake of dense information. You have a very small window to capture your audience’s attention, and even less so if you are trying to explain complex information. Make use of infographics and other related visuals to deliver the same information in a much more digestible format.

Create custom Call to Actions. Use your brand voice to reflect a more interesting CTA like “Our researchers are ready to help you grow your business, are you?”

Include more relevant information in the footer. Oftentimes footers can be forgotten from a user experience point of view, but if used correctly, it can act as a visual sitemap of your web content and as a teaching tool for new or confused users.

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*Nielsen Norman Group nngroup.com