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Finding your voice.

It's at the core of everything we do.

A Complete Team

Each member of our group brings a unique set of skills to the table. Our variety of backgrounds complement each other and help lead to surprising insights. And inventive approaches.

Make Yourself Heard

Our vision is simple: to help you find a distinct position in a crowded marketplace that you—and only you—can own. No two clients are the same, and we don't have a formula for getting there. We do have a process, and we like to think it's a fun one.

Discover. Design. Deliver.

A tried and true process

The Discovery Process

Delivering creative that works requires in-depth knowledge about your industry, and about your specific business. Who is your audience? What are competitors doing? What are your goals? What are your obstacles? We believe that research, planning, and strategy are the foundation to building a brand.

The Design Process

Design is more than making something look good. It's finding simple, elegant solutions to difficult problems. Design uses the findings from the discovery phase to uncover essential truths about your brand, and translate them into creative ideas. We define creative concepts, voice, look and feel. This is where your brand comes to life.

The Delivery Process

Concept becomes reality only when your brand is rolled out the right way. We take great care to manage all aspects of a brand, including where it’s seen, how it’s experienced and by whom. Because once it is, we measure results and effectiveness. And begin the discovery phase all over again.


Charlie Yeaton

Charlie Yeaton

President & Creative Director

Charlie was one of the original founding partners of Rumbletree in 1990. A 40-year veteran, he has created impactful campaigns for a myriad of local, regional and national clients. more

Charlie has received numerous awards for his creative work, including the Boston Ad Club (Hatch Awards), Boston Art Directors Club, Telly, Communicator and the coveted Odyssey Award from the Travel Industry Association of America.


Prior to starting Rumbletree, Charlie was a Vice President and Creative Director at O'Neil Griffin & Associates' Portland office, and a founding partner of By Design in North Hampton, NH.


Jessica Kellogg

Jessica Kellogg

Director of CLient Service

Jessica is a strategic marketer with a passion for marketing communications and excellence in client service. She has a proven track record building products and brands, with over 16 years experience. more

Throughout her career, Jessica has focused on integrating digital strategy and new media into overall marketing and business goals, and has tailored strategies for start-ups, retail, entertainment, tourism, healthcare and more.


Prior to joining Rumbletree, Jessica was an Account Director for a Boston-based media strategy and buying firm, working with a variety of clients such as, Utah Office of Tourism, BBK Worldwide and Wendy's.


Brian Beaulieu

Brian Beaulieu

Associate Creative Director

Brian is a multi-disciplined creative, with over 13 years experience in concept, design and code. He has a strong affinity for identity and branding, and has been instrumental in helping dozens of clients 'find their voice'. more

Brian excels at analyzing the big picture, and his experience with a broad range of clients and mediums allows him to hold Rumbletree's creative to the highest standards.


His work has won several awards including Communicator, Prism, HSMAI, MarCom and WebAwards.


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Who We've Worked With

Who We've Worked With