Why Email is the Best Invention of the 20th Century

Airplanes, television, and antibiotics were invented in the 20th Century. While we would definitely agree with the general consensus that these are all important and life changing, email (invented in 1972) has our vote for the best invention of the last 100 or so years.

Why do we love email so much?

It’s Instantaneous

There’s no waiting period for someone to receive an email. In our current “need it now” society, email allows a consumer to receive your communication immediately after you send it.

It’s Convenient

Email allows people in different areas and time zones to communicate at a time that works for them. It also provides the sender with the option to send communication to an individual, a few people, or a group.

It’s Mobile

Email has evolved with the constantly changing landscape of communication. Accessible on laptops, mobile devices, tablets and more, email is functional across multiple devices. It allows for conversation any time, any place (as long as you have Wi-Fi or cell phone service!).

It’s Documented

Email provides a paper trail allowing for the sender and recipient to reference back information, data, and questions. No more losing an answer written on a random piece of scrap paper. It provides an easy to access stream of communication.

It’s Multifaceted

Email isn’t just for sending a note. You can include documents, pictures, Gifs, and more. Your email can be as personalized and in-depth or as simple and to the point as you would like.

Now, don’t get us wrong. Email isn’t the ONLY way you should be communicating. We still love phone calls, in-person discussions, and the occasional smoke signal. Ready to take your email to the next step? Read our tips on email marketing!

– Becky


Sources: Toptenz.net, nethistory.info 

Meet Our New Hires

We aren’t slowing down in 2017 and we kicked off the New Year with two new hires! Our Rumbletree team has a myriad of experiences and backgrounds and we are always excited to welcome our newbies.

Becky Sullivan joins us as an Account Manager. With over 5 years of experience in digital and event marketing, Becky is ready to make a splash on our account team. She will be managing day-to-day communications on many of our accounts. Becky has worked on campaigns for Jessica Simpson, ASOS, and Pacific Rim Wine, amongst others. She previously worked at CatchFire Creative in Portsmouth, NH and prior to that Youth Marketing Connection, a millennial-focused marketing agency in Boston, MA. As a dog-lover, Becky can’t wait to bring hers into Rumbletree!

Fun Fact: Becky has lived in 3 of 6 New England states plus New York!

Jenna Freitas joins our Creative Team. As a Graphic Designer, Jenna will be working on an array of branding, social, and digital projects. Jenna is a recent graduate of University of Massachusetts, Lowell, and already has a ton of experience under her belt. When she wasn’t killing it on the field hockey team, she was working as a designer for the UMass Lowell Athletic Department and with Creative TK Consulting. Jenna has several awards including “Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities.” As a North Hampton lifetime summer vacationer, she’s excited to be able to visit all of her favorite eateries year round!

Fun Fact: Jenna has a twin sister who is also a Graphic Designer!

Welcome Jenna and Becky. We love expanding the Rumbletree family.

Social Media Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2017

Now that 2017 is in full swing, it’s a great time to consider upcoming social media trends. As an agency, we are constantly keeping our fingers on the pulse of social media marketing and its evolving landscape. If you want to succeed on social media, you need to keep in mind the 3 C’s – change, coolness, and consistency. Some the most impactful trends we’ve come across for this year are:

Snapchat Revolutionizing Other Social Outlets

Snapchat has completely changed the social landscape and has quickly grown in popularity, largely due to fun and unique facial filters (or artificial intelligence lenses). It’s likely other outlets will catch up soon, with Facebook already testing facial filters with mobile users in Brazil and Canada to celebrate the Olympics. Instagram certainly won’t be left in the dust, and with Instagram Stories already taking on an extremely similar feel to Snapchat Stories, users should expect to see facial filters or something like them on the outlet in 2017. It’s important to embrace this change as it happens to the outlets your company is on. It allows you to come across as innovative and on top of things, two very important pieces for consumer retention on social media.

Continued Growth of Social Outlets for Customer Service

According to Sprout Social, 34.5% of people surveyed prefer Social Media for customer care. That’s 10% more than websites/live chat and almost 20% more than 1-800 Numbers. Consumers want fast responses and an effortless way to get their questions across. Social media provides the outlet for this and will only continue to grow in the customer service capacity. As a brand, you need to be available outside of normal business hours to answer customer questions and concerns. If you aren’t, they’ll go with someone who is.

A Firm Pay to Play Model

Businesses looking to grow their fan base organically will have a hard time doing so in 2017. Instagram and Facebook both use algorithms making it difficult for brands to break through the clutter if they only publish organic social content. In 2017, Adobe estimates that $41 million will be spent on social media advertising. If your brand wants to be part of the conversation, they will need to pay to do so.

We love that social media has become such a big part of our daily lives both personally and professionally. It can be engaging and impactful for your brand as long as you stay on top of trends, are open to change, and have no problem reinventing the way you advertise every few years! Need some social media marketing help? Drop us a line.

– Becky

Sources: socialmediatoday.com, sproutsocial.com, forbes.com

Are you Rumbletree’s next Account Manager?

Rumbletree is hiring! Are you, or someone you know, our next Account Manager?

Advertising Agency Account Manager

Responsible for all client communications, conflict resolution, and compliance on client deliverables

Reviews all major deliverables (i.e. creative comps, strategic brief ) to ensure quality standards and client expectations are met.

Ensures that client issues are dealt with in an efficient, timely and client-friendly manner

Works with the Director on contract management and contract renewals and/or proposals for new work for an existing client.

Develops estimates and SOW orders for new client programs or initiatives

Approves change orders and invoices, reviews actual vs. proposed project and ticket billable hours, and notifies client of changes in scope or estimates in advance of final billing.

Runs or is key participant in client status meetings and/or maintains program status documents.

Assists in the development of strategic and quarterly review presentations.

Works closely with the project team in order to maintain a continuous knowledge of project status in order to identify potential issues and/or opportunities within or related to the project.

Recognizes and pursues opportunities for account growth and new business

Communicates the client’s goals and represent the client’s interests to the broader, cross-functional team and sets priorities for the day-to-day workings of the team in support of the stated goals.

Provides regular two-way communication between the client and creative team, to provide strong team representation and set proper client expectations.

Competitive/industry research and data synthesis to provide business intelligence to our clients and internal team members

Provides support to Sr. Director of Client Services and/or Sr. Account Managers as needed

Knowledge and Skills:

Proven account management skills in creating, maintaining and enhancing customer relationships

Strategy development experience. Knowledge of social media, media buying, and other marketing types a plus.

Extremely detail oriented

Motivated, goal oriented, proactive. Must be able to work independently to problem solve.

High level of initiative and work well in a team environment

Excellent written and oral communication skills

Handles stressful situations and deadline pressures well

Experience and Education:

Bachelors Degree in Marketing or a related field

3-5 years of marketing experience, advertising/marketing agency a plus

Understanding of strategic marketing development principles is a must

Technically savvy

Excellent oral and written communication and organizational skills

Detail-oriented and self-motivated

To apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to jkellogg@rumbletree.com and kangulo@rumbletree.com

About us

Situated in seacoast New Hampshire, our goal is to put out an exceptional creative product that gets results — whatever the medium. We have experience building brands that’s made us a pillar of New Hampshire marketing for over 25 years. And a passion for the craft that’s made believers out of our clients. Learn more about the agency at rumbletree.com

Sea Critters

We recently did a fun campaign to promote Rochester Pediatric Associates, a department of Frisbie Memorial Hospital. We were inspired to develop an illustrated ocean theme where we created a bunch of different sea animals to represent the vast services and age groups covered by pediatric care.

After we finished the first round of animals, we felt like they were missing something. What did we need to make these little critters feel more like a family?


We’re talking an octopus with a fedora and tie, a turtle with a backpack, a crab with six heels and a purse…


…now that’s much better!


Come see for yourself in the kids play area at the Fox Run Mall in Newington, NH. We have an interactive face cut-out mall standee where you can experience firsthand the glory of being a sea critter with style.

(We may have had a little too much fun taking pictures with it ourselves.)



Hiring: Public Relations Specialist

Rumbletree is looking for a PR Specialist with a background in health care and/or hospitality and a problem-solving, self-motivated skill set to handle a variety of projects.

Our work environment is fast-past and team-oriented and we are seeking a candidate who possess strong written and oral communication skills and creates meaningful relationships.

Job Duties:

• Write press releases and prepare information for the media
• Respond to information requests from the media
• Help clients communicate effectively with the public
• Help maintain Rumbletree’s corporate image and identity
* Experience managing several events at the same time
• Draft speeches and arrange interviews for clients and agency top executives
• Evaluate advertising and promotion programs to determine whether they are compatible with their organization’s public relations efforts

Important Qualities

Strong Interpersonal, Very Organized, Problem-Solving, Public Speaking, Writing (clear and attention getting)

To apply for this position please submit your resume to jkellogg@rumbletree.com.

Rumbletree is an award winning, full-service, design driven advertising agency based in North Hampton, New Hampshire.

5 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing

According to Mailmunch (2016), about 60% of people believe email marketing outperforms social media. It has a higher conversion rate, better ROI and much easier to build! With this being said, here are a few tips to keep in mind for email marketing:

  1. Have a creative subject line because subject lines are the most important part to an email. Avoid using ALL CAPS to make sure the email does not go to the spam filter.
  2. Keep your email lists up to date because email addresses can change every few months for some people. (Mailchimp 2016).
  3. Personalize your email as much as you can by stating “Hello (first name here). According to Campaign Monitor, emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened and marketers have found a 760% increase in email revenue from segmented campaigns.
  4. Make sure all emails are mobile friendly. Constant Contact stated that 75% of people would delete an email immediately if they are unable to view it on their phone.
  5. Most importantly, have a clear call to action! If the reader cannot determine what they are supposed to do with the email, chances are they will delete it.




Want to learn more about Email Marketing? Give us a call!


Social Media Day 2016



Happy Social Media Day!

In 2010, Mashable launched the first annual Social Media Day as a celebration of the impact social media has made on our industry and beyond.

Did you know that…

91% of brands now use at least two or more social media channels?

Social users have increased 176 million in the past year!

1 million new active mobile social users are added EVERY SINGLE DAY.

38% of businesses plan to spend more than 20% of their total advertising budgets on social media channels in 2015, up 13% from a year ago.

Facebook now sees 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users.

Snapchat users watch 6 billion videos every day.

(source: Brandwatch)

 Remember, unless you’re investing in your social channels, only 10% of your audience is seeing your brand’s content.

To Celebrate, Mashable has created a hub for Social Media “meet ups” today. To see if any events are happening in your area, check out:


…And if you’re looking for in-depth insights on how to reach your target audience, social media advertising and strategy, help with content creation, and to learn more about how working with an agency’s social media team can increase your bottom line, give us a call!